Sunday, December 19, 2010

Healthy Holiday Men and Muses

If you have that healthy, happy looks then you might want to join Magnolia's Healthy Holiday Men and Muses contest. Just a submit a full body photo living a healthy lifestyle and you might be one of the 10 chosen to win 10,000 pesos cash.

This contest is open to fans of Magnolia (Philippines) Lifedrink on Facebook.

Contest Mechanics:

How to join:
1) Register using the Healthy Holiday Men and Muses application
2) upload a photo of you living a healthy lifestyle
3) Tell them why you deserve to be one of the 10 Healthy Holiday Men and Muses of Magnolia Lifedrink.
4) Tell your friends to like your post. The more likes. the better chances of winning.

Contest criteria:
50% - likes / number of votes
50% - looks

- likes is 50% of the criteria, so if you have the confidence that your photo has that healthy, happy overall appearance then make sure you ask all your friends to vote for you so you can win.

- make sure you submit a whole body photo showing a happy and healthy lifestyle (preferably solo shot) so that your entry will not be disqualified. Some contests will NOT inform you that your entry is not qualified even if your photo entry is successfully uploaded and I'm not sure if Magnolia Lifedrink will inform you if such is the case.

- Contest deadline is on January 15, 2011.

To join this contest, head over to Magnolia Lifedrink fan page on Facebook.

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