Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas Wish This Year: A Nokia C7

I wish someone would give me a new high-tech phone this Christmas, namely, a Nokia C7. I will admit though, I do have enough money to spend for it even if the title of my blog is Journey of No FERA. Rather, with my "No FERA" ways, winning a phone is a lot more fun and exciting than buying them over-the-counter.


* No FERA = No pera (no money). My motto, "Why spend on something when you can win it!"

Why do I want a new phone?

I have been using my Nokia 1200 for quite some time now, around two years I think. For those who don't know what a Nokia 1200 is, here is what mine looks like...

Introducing my Nokia 1200...

I bought myself a Nokia 1200 2 years ago because it's very cheap, sturdy (like all Nokia phones) and very practical. I use this mainly to sell cellphone load, earn extra income, and text friends (if it is important). Some of my office mates mocked me for owning one of these because of its 'caveman' features. Its monochrome display, and an LED flashlight quite describes my unique personality - frugal and Scrooge-like.

And so I want to change that stingy perception others see in me. Maybe with a high-tech phone like
the Nokia C7, people around me will start saying 'COOL! you're with the IN-crowd now!' or 'WOW, you bought something new for yourself...'

What makes the C7 worth having?

The Nokia C7 is one of the newest and coolest phones around. It is armed with a lot of nifty features like its touchscreen controls, wireless LAN so that you can use free internet when you're at a free wifi zone, and a built-in camera and FM radio for added versatility. The Nokia C7 can even serve as a data modem in case you need internet connection on your laptop. Just connect it to your lappie and it's good to go!

What can I do with it?

A lot of fun stuff have crossed my mind if ever I get to own a Nokia C7. Here are some on my list...

1) I can use it as an alternate camera - I really enjoy taking great pictures with my current point-and-shoot camera. But during those times I left my camera at home, I wished my phone had a decent camera. With the Nokia C7's 8MP camera and dual flash, I might as well leave my point-and-shoot at home for good.

2) I can take good videos - Right now, I am still experimenting on video effects using video editing software but I don't have a video camera!!! If ever I made a video before, it's either because I borrowed a camera or it was shot straight from my laptop. My current still digicam has microphone problems, so I don't use it for video.

The Nokia C7 is great for filming because it takes video at 720p, at 25 frames per second and has video stabilization.

3) I can listen to YES FM! Just kidding... but having a radio is very practical if you're tired listening to your overused playlist.

4) I can digitally draw with it. Because the Nokia C7 has a touch screen pad, I can use a stylus pen which allows me to draw images directly rather than using the pen tool in Photoshop to plot and draw (which by the way takes a lot more time to complete).

5) I can join more online contests! With the internet and WiFi connectivity of this phone, I can even join contests while I am on the go! What a lovely thought...

Poor me, not much equipment to compete properly in the contest arena, and hopefully with the Nokia C7, things might change for the better.

...but do I deserve it?

How I wish I could own this piece of modern technology. It will really help me a lot in my quest to win more free stuff. But then again, I have already managed to win some contests using my current camera and equipment. The Nokia C7 will help me a lot, yes. But I believe someone else needs it more.

I wish to win the Nokia C7 phone for my mother.

She deserves the phone more than I do. Currently she uses an antiquated Nokia 3650 for 5 years and never bought a new phone ever since. Problem is, she now has some difficulty pressing those small keys because of her deteriorating eyesight. So I figured, it would be better if she used the Nokia C7 instead of me. The phone's touch screen display is bigger and brighter so she will be able to see the keys better. Plus, the Nokia C7 is thin and lightweight unlike her current phone, which makes handling easier for her.

She has always been supportive to me for all these years, and I wish to repay her by winning this phone. It's because of her personal touch and is easy to connect with, I learned a lot from her ways, like being resourceful and kuripot. She taught me to make do with whatever I have, and to think of alternate ways to achieve my goals.

Without all the fancy stuff, I was able to win in photo contests without using a DSLR, video contests without a camcorder, and digital art contests without a tablet. I even managed to win in online contests even without much internet access. All these I achieved thanks to her life-winning lessons.

Hopefully, Nuffnang Philippines can grant my Nokia C7 Christmas wish for her.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!

This is my entry to the "My Christmas Wish This Year: A Nokia C7" blog contest by Nuffnang Philippines. To know more about this contest, head over to their contest post. Deadline is on December 23, 2010.

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