Monday, December 6, 2010

Nutroplex Top of The Class

Nutroplex and Nuffnang Philippines is currently holding a blog contest dubbed as Top of The Class. Join this contest and win a Muji study table set and 8,000 pesos Fully Booked GCs! All you have to do is write a blog how Nutroplex helped your kids accomplishments in school.

This contest is open to mommy bloggers who are members of Nuffnang Philippines.
* Note: if you are not a member of Nuffnang PH, and want to join the contest, you can register your blog for free!

How to join:

1. Open to mommy bloggers.
2. Share your child’s success story! How do you help your child succeed in school?
3. Submit your contest entry URL, name, address, mobile number and e-mail address to
4. The contest runs December 6-20, 2010.
5. Winners will be chosen by United Laboratories, and announced via an update on this post.

There will be two winners!

1) Best Story
2) ‘Most Successful’ Story

How to win:

Content and Substance – 40%
Creativity – 30%
Relevance to the theme – 30%
What you may win:

Each winner will win 1 set of Muji study table and chair and Php8,000 worth of Fully Booked gift certificates!

Personal notes:
For non-blogger mommies who love to write, I think this is a good chance to start learning how to blog. You can always start by learning the basics. Try out free blog services like Blogger or Wordpress and who knows? You may have a talent for blogging too...

For more inquiries about this contest, you may visit the Nutroplex/Nuffnang PH contest page.

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