Friday, December 3, 2010

Nescafe Night Studio Design contest

Join the Nescafe Night Studio Design contest and get a chance to win a Macbook Air, iPhones and iPads! All you have to do is design a scene with an avatar of your choice on their Night Studio Application.

This contest is open to Philippine residents who are fans of the Nescafe Philippines Facebook page.

Please vote for my entry! Voting is 25% of the contest criteria.

"My night spot is my room where I do hobbies,watch movies & play video games. Nescafe Decaf soothes me while I relax and have fun before bed."


"Like" the NESCAFÉ PHILIPPINES Facebook Fan page. You should be at least 18 years of age and above

Register the following:
- Full name of the contestant;
-Date of birth;
- Complete home address, which must be in the Philippines and not be a P.O. Box, and contact number(s);
- Valid e-mail address
- Mobile number

Answer 5 questions and write a short description about your entry and why you like drinking NESCAFEÉ DECAF.
Note: Write-up should not exceed 140 characters.

It should not be offensive, disparaging or discriminatory to any person or entity, whether living or already deceased;

It should not threaten or charge with a vice or a crime any person or entity, whether living or already deceased;

It should not discredit or dishonor any person or entity, whether living or already deceased;

It should not use language that is impolite, malicious or offensive;

It should not draw out responses that would result to any of the foregoing;

It should not mention or draw out responses mentioning Nestlé as a company;

It should not mention or draw out responses about any food or beverage product except NESCAFÈ.

Create your entry:
- Choose the gender, skin tone, face and outfit of your avatar
- Select your favorite night setting
- Add random elements to design your entry
- Publish, share and download your entry
- Get as many VOTES on your photo entry and get a chance to win an iPad, iPhone 4 or a Macbook Air!

All entries will be judged by a panel composed of five (5) members from NPI, Agency Partners and FDA representatives based on the following criteria:


Five winners will be announced in the Nescafe Philippines Fan Page. The prizes will be delivered to the winners at the address they indicated during registration.

Grand Prize: Macbook Air 64 GB -1
1st Prize: Iphone 4G 16 GB - 2
2nd Prize: Ipad 32 GB (wifi) - 2

- Promotion period is from November 30 - December 22, 2010.

- During the duration and at any stage of the promotion, Nestlé Philippines, Inc. and NuWorks Interactive ("organizers of the promotion") reserve the right to disqualify participants who fail to qualify under these mechanics. The decision of the organizers of the promotion on this matter is final and they may or may or not, at their discretion, engage into any dialogue with any person regarding such decision.

- Announcement of winners via NESCAFÉ PHILIPPINES Facebook Fan Page: December 24, 2010

- All entries received after the deadline will not be included in the count.

- For disqualified entries, an e-mail notification will be sent informing them of such disqualification and the basis thereof. The registrant may still submit a new entry or a modified one provided that he/she submits the same before the deadline for submission of entries.
By joining this promotion, winners agree that:
a.) their images will be captured through photographs taken through the webcam they used in participating in this promotion;

b.) they permit the organizers of the promotion to publish said photographs in the fan page and identify them as winners of the promotion;

c.) they will not engage in any dialogue with the organizers of the promotion as to the publication of such photograph;

d.) the organizers of the promotions have the discretion not to publish said photographs for any reason and the decision of said organizers on the matter is final; and

e.) organizers of the promotion may or may not use said photographs and their registration details as recorded in the website for any purpose of use at any time, territory and medium of release.

All prizes are non-transferable and not convertible to cash.
Your photo entry may be used to promote the campaign.

Personal Notes / Reminders:
- you have to like the Nescafe Facebook fanpage first before joining this contest or vote for your friends' entries.
- making an entry here is simple, but making your entry stand out will be difficult.
- I checked out the other entries and honestly, I don't really see much difference if I compare my entry against the rest who joined. I am not sure how Nescafe will decide the 50% criteria... (raffle perhaps? I hope not...)
- deadline is on December 22, 2010 but join earlier to get the chance to campaign for more votes!

For more information and/or join this contest, check out the Nescafe Philippines Facebook fan page.

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