Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cushe T-shirt design contest

For those who have talent in designing apparel or are just naturally artistic, join the Cushe T-shirt design contest! Grand winner will receive 5,000 pesos plus Cushe shoes and flip-flops.

This contest is open to all residents in the Philippines.

Contest Mechanics

1. The design must be primarily be applicable for black shirts, although designs that work with other colors will also be considered.

2. The design must emphasize the "Cushe Life" philosophy. Read more about it here...

3. The design must contain the Cushe Lozenge Logo and must incorporate at least one Cushe shoe. The shoe may be manipulated in any way provided it is still noticeably a Cushe shoe. The Cushe Lozenge Logo and list of approved shoes can be downloaded here. Visit to see the actual shoes.

4. Designs must be submitted in jpeg format with a resolution of 150dpi or higher and must not exceed 10mb. The jpeg file must contain the actual t-shirt graphic on black background as well as a mock-up of the final shirt design.

5. Shirts will be printed using the silk-screening method and thus submissions must be created with this in mind.

6. There would be 2 categories:

a) Men's tee
b) Women's tee

Winners will receive:
- 5,000 pesos cash.
- a pair of Cushe shoes
- a pair of Flip Flops

Runners-up will receive:
- receive a pair of Cushe shoes.

7. The contest is open to all residents of the Philippines. Contestants may submit as many designs as they want provided that each design is thoroughly unique. Shirt designs that have been printed prior to being entered into the contest will not be accepted.

8. The designs will be judged based on:

- feasibility
- relevance
- overall aesthetic value.

Winners will be chosen by Shoemaker's Shop and will be notified via facebook message and deviantart note if possible.

9. Winning designs will be printed and used by Cushe Philippines as promotional materials.

How to submit:

Send your designs along with your name, mailing address, facebook url, and deviantID (if you have one) to

10. Submissions for the Men's Shirt Category should be sent with the subject "Men's Cushe Shirt" and submissions for the Women's Shirt Category should be sent with the subject "Women's Cushe Shirt".

11. Submissions will be accepted until February 9,2011.

- download images for your logo here...
- the Cushe Lozenge logo and at least 1 Cushe shoe design is required in your entry
- for the black t-shirt template, you can download them here... Credits to www.designby
- you may also use other t-shirt templates provided that you submit the JPEG file that contains the actual t-shirt graphic on black background as well as a mock-up of the final shirt design. Please credit the owner of the template if you borrow his/her t-shirt template.
For more information about this contest, you may head over to this contest article on deviantart and post questions about the contest there. You may also post your questions to the following: at or at, or forward your queries to

Also, check out the Cushe Philippines fan page on Facebook.

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