Saturday, March 26, 2011

Alter Space Online Game

Relevant to today's Earth Hour (remember to switch off lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm), is an online game called Alter Space. This game showcases the effects of the choices we make on our environment.

Finish this this game and win your very own iPad2!

Aside from the grand prize, Alter Space will also be giving away the following:
- 100 limited edition Alter Space t-shirts
- 100 eco-friendly electricity-free water clocks
- 100 Alter Space fans

In order to be eligible in the raffle, you have to complete the game first. Completion requires you to build your very own APS (alternate power source).

To build the APS you must be at Level 5 and invite four more level 5 friends to help you build it. After you finish this task, the game is complete. Only then will you be included in the online raffle.

To join this promo, visit the Alter Space Application on Facebook. Also check out their Facebook pan page.

This game is brought to us by Aboitiz Power.

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