Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Million Dollar Memo Video Contest - Win a Trip to Queensland

Want to win a million dollar trip to Queensland, Australia? Then why not join the Million Dollar Memo Video Contest! All you have to do is submit a 60 second video of you and two of your other officemates stating what makes your company a great place to work and why Queensland is the ultimate tourist destination!

The competition is open to anyone from any organization, company, business or workplace, in any country.

What to do:

Create a 60 second video featuring at least three people from your company. Your video should demonstrate two things:

1. What makes your company a great place to work. (It’s about culture & spirit and enthusiasm more than spreadsheets!)

2. Why you think Queensland is the ultimate reward destination. (This part should be easy. Queensland is beautiful, exciting and offers adventures and experiences that inspire. You can find out more about Queensland here.)

Things to consider:

* We’d suggest you first view our sample videos and review the answers to frequently asked questions. You’ll also find it might be useful to watch the short instructional video above to help ensure your video is right from the start.

* Who will travel to Queensland to compete and represent your company if your entry makes the final 20? That person would ideally be one of the stars of your video. Who’s got personality, a spirit of adventure and a passport (if you’re outside Australia)?

* Be sure everyone in the video is happy for it to be shown online.

* How will you make your video stand out? Create a script that is simple and likeable and will make people want to share it with their friends. The more people that like it, the better your chance is of getting to the finals event as a ‘People’s Choice’ entry.

* Get approval from your company to submit your entry.

When you’re ready to upload, complete the application form and follow the directions. Then once it’s up, tell everyone in your company, plus family and friends to view it, like it and share it!

This is important

* Videos must be in English.

* Videos will be screened for appropriateness before being accepted into the competition.

* Be careful that language, dress, and behaviour could not be considered offensive by a broad audience.

* It’s also important you ensure your video is no longer than 60 seconds – we will allow for discrepancies during the uploading of your video file to our website, but ensure your video is correctly timed from the start.

* If you wish to add music and images in your entry, you MUST ensure you have the appropriate licences, permissions and clearances or under the terms and conditions of YouTube, your entry will be taken down.

* See the terms and conditions for full details.

Selection Process

1. From competition launch, all video applications will be quality assured at Tourism Queensland’s head office, Brisbane, Australia. Approved videos will go live on the campaign website and will be assessed on the following selection criteria:

* What makes your company a great place to work;
* Why you think Queensland is the ultimate reward destination; and
* The creativity of your video.

2. A 'Peoples Choice' score will begin on all video entries that have been approved to go live on the campaign website. The 'People's Choice' scores will be an aggregated calculation of the following components:

* number of 'shares'
* number of 'likes'
* number of 'views'

3. Progression to subsequent stages of the competition will be subject to entrants providing short responses to questions on aspects of their culture and how they reward staff, as well as necessary background checks being conducted.

4. On Wednesday, 1 June 2011, the Top 50 will be announced, consisting of the Top 5 'People's Choice' and an additional 45 entries selected by Tourism Queensland.

5. After the Top 50 are announced, all previous ‘People Choice’ scores are cleared and a second round of scoring will begin. A Top 3 ‘People’s Choice’ score will begin on the Top 50 entries, using the calculation specified above. The Top 50 will be subject to Tourism Queensland undertaking further background checks and requests for further information.

6. On Wednesday, 6th July 2011, the Top 20 will be announced, consisting of the Top 3 ‘People’s Choice and a further 17 entries selected by Tourism Queensland.

7. One representative from each of the Top 20 entries will attend the Incentive Challenge Event in Queensland. Representatives must be chosen by the companies and Tourism Queensland must be advised of the selection no later than 10th July 2011.

For complete terms and conditions, click here...

- upload with common video formats (avi, mpeg, mpg, mov, mp4, wmv, m4v) with not more than 100MB in size and 60 seconds in length.
- if you plan to use background music, I suggest you use royalty free content.
- since this is an international competition, expect it to be a tough one. I suggest you ask your kababayans to like your entry for more chances of winning.
- last day to join this contest is on the 23:59 (or 11:59 pm) Eastern Standard Time (+1000 UTC) Queensland local time on 1st May 2011, but submit earlier to get more views, shares and likes.

To know more about the competition, head over to the Million Dollar Memo contest site. To submit your entry, click here...

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