Friday, March 11, 2011

Mentos Taste Test Pilot Material

If you want to be an ace taste tester (like me) then join Mentos Taste Test Pilot Material contest. To join, all you have to do is answer the question: "What makes you taste test pilot material?" The answer with the most likes per week wins Mentos gift packs, while the grand winner will win an iPod touch based on creativity and likes.

This contest is open to all Philippine residents with a Facebook account.

Contest Mechanics:

1. This contest is open to all Philippine residents with a Facebook account.

2. Participants must "like" the Official Mentos Gum page on Facebook to join.

3. Participants must answer the following question in 250 characters or less and post it on the Official Mentos Gum Page:
"Why do you think you are taste test pilot material?"

4. The 5 answers at the end of each week with the most likes win a box of Mentos Pure Fresh blister packs )a box contains 12 blister packs)

5. Winners will be requested to PM their contact details to receive their prize.

6. Answers must be submitted between Monday and Sunday (before 12 midnight) to qualify and are only valid for one week.

7. Participants can submit as many answers as they want but can only qualify for receiving a sample pack once.

8. A participant can however win a sample pack and also be the grand prize winner.

9. The grand prize is an iPod touch (3rd gen) which will be awarded at the end of the contest to the best answer of all.

10. The selection of the best answer will be made based on the following criteria:

- Creativity - 50%
- Relevance to the brand - 25%
- Number of likes - 25%

- to win a Mentos gift pack, be one of the top 5 highest voted / liked per week. Your entry will qualify for the gift pack only on the cutoff week you submitted.
- as long as you submit an entry, whether you win a gift pack or not, you still have a chance to win the grand prize (iPod Touch)
- last day to join this contest is on April 3, 2011

For more information about this contest, head over to the Mentos Gum Philippines fan page on Facebook.

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