Monday, March 21, 2011

Haka for Haka Tours Video Contest

If you want to get a free trip to New Zealand, you may want to join the Haka for Haka Tours Video Contest! To join, simply create a 5 to 10 second video of you doing the Pukana. (Pukana is the final act where you roll your eyes, stick out your tongue and belt out a fierce 'blahhh')

This contest is open to all individuals 18 years old and above worldwide.

Contest Mechanics and Guidelines:


- one of two Adventure Tours of New Zealand with the legendary Haka Tours
- accommodation, transport, tour guide, breakfast, and a range of cultural experiences included
- adventure activities included (bungy, sky dive, sea kayaking, shark diving, jet boating, haka training, glacier walk, canyon swing)
- international flights

How do I Enter?

- simply make a video of yourself, your mates, your sports team, even your mum completing a Pukana (which is the final part of the Haka where the eyes are widenedm tongue poked out, and a fierce "blaaahhh" is yelled out)
- check out the instructional video on how to perform the best Pukana possible!
- Upload this to Youtube with the title "I will win the New Zealand Adventure Experience of a Lifetime with the Haka for Haka Tours Competition"
- In the description of the video, enter the following to website addresses:;; also add the term "New Zealand Adventure Tours"
Facebook page

Your Video Entry

- videos have to be 5 to 10 seconds in duration
- choose to go for the most authentic Pukana, completing in a cool location, scare someone, make it funny or have your own cultural interpretation... the choice is yours.
- no fancy editing required. Rough and ready is the Kiwi spirit. We want you to have fun while making your video and it will only take a few minutes to complete and enter.

What Now?

- tell your friends about it - get them to view your video as the number of views your video gets will be one factor that will help you win this amazing prize.
- enter as many times as you like; the more times you enter, the more chances you have of winning. And it is so easy and fun to enter!!!
- share it on facebook - this will help you get more views
Decision Process for Winning Entries

1. Number of hits your video has received. make sure people see your video! To maximize exposure, ensure you;
- use relevant meta tags
- tell your friends!
- share your video with other youtube users by sending a direct link to your video via the bespoke e-mail functionality in your youtube account
- share your e-mail by posting it to your own social media accounts and get your friends and family to vote for you.

2. How users rate your video: Every video can be rated by those that watch it. We will take this into consideration when assessing all competition entries. The number of views will be very influential in the decision.

3. The final decision is based upon the discretion of Haka tours and its campaign partners. A company director will view all submissions along with the two variables above. Decisions are final so there will be no appeals or review process. Remember all entries ger a L50 discount online code discount code to use on any Haka Tour departing in 2011!

4. The prize is final and cannot be transferred to other people or changed for a cash equivalent.

For complete guidelines, check out this link...

Check out Jayson Biadog's video entry for the Haka for Haka video contest.

Additional Notes:
- you must have a passport to enjoy the prize. Organizers will not secure your passport to New Zealand.
- you can make any interpretation of the Pukana.
- winner will be based on the following: video hits, ratings, and the director's decision
- last day to submit your entry is on August 1, 2011. But create your video as soon as possible to get more views and ratings from friends!

For more information about this contest head over the Haka for Haka Tours Video contest page on Facebook.

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