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Sulit Cars Video Contest

Join Sulit Cars Video Contest and get a chance to win 25,000 worth of car accessories or 10,000 pesos worth of gas cards/certificates weekly.

This contest is open to members of

Contest Mechanics:

For 30 to 60 seconds, make a short but FUN and FUNKY video clip with you and your car in it. Tell us your name, show us your car, and describe it briefly (brand, model, year, etc.).

Then, in a few sentences, answer the question: “What makes your car sulit (or worthy and unique)?”
Don’t forget to use the spiel “My car is sulit because…”

Take note of the following vehicle specifications:

* Must be your own car or vehicle;
* Can be brand new or second hand;
* Can be any type of vehicle (car, SUV, AUV, van, bus, owner-type jeepney, passenger jeep, or motorcycles);
* Can be bought from or other sources

You can use any filming device of your choice, such as camera phone, digital camera, camcorder, or webcam as long as the quality of the video output is clear,


Upload your video on Youtube. Use the following details as your guide:

Title: My Sulit Car: [Add Your Own Title Here]
Description: [Write your personal description here]. presents Sulit Cars - Buy and Sell Cars Philippines. Find affordable car deals at

Tags: sulit cars, cars philippines, buy and sell cars,, [your additional keywords]

Category: Cars and Vehicles

Privacy: Public (anyone can search for and view - recommended)


a. Sulit Cars Forum

In the Sulit Cars Forum (Introduce Your Sulit Car thread), post a new topic and embed your YouTube video. Use your YouTube title as the Subject of your forum post. You may add a short description or story below your video if you wish to. Make sure you are logged in to the website to be able to post a new topic.

If you need help embedding your YouTube video, click How to Embed Widgets to Your Post below Related Brands.

Once you're done posting, take note of the forum link or URL as you will use this in your Twitter and Facebook post. Sample URL:

b. Twitter

Follow @SulitCars on Twitter and post this as a tweet:

I just joined @SulitCars Video Contest! View my #sulit car video entry on [forum link]

c. Facebook

Like fan page on Facebook. Then on YOUR wall, post this as a status message (where should be tagged):

I just joined’s Car Video Contest! View my Sulit Car video entry on [forum link]


Once you’ve done all the steps above, send an email to with the following details:

Subject: My Sulit Car Video Entry

YouTube URL:
Forum URL:
*Facebook URL:
*Twitter URL:

Complete Name:
Sulit Username:
Email Address:
Contact No.:

*NOTE: Make sure that your accounts are open for public view so we can open and check your posts.

Contest Period and Schedules:

Submission of entries will run from March 1 to March 27, 2011.

Weekly cut-off is as follows:

* Week 1: Mar. 1 - Mar. 6, 2011
* Week 2: Mar. 7-13, 2011
* Week 3: Mar. 14-20, 2011
* Week 4: Mar. 21-27, 2011

Voting period for final round is from Mar. 28 to April 3, 2011

Announcement of grand winner is on April 4, 2011.

Weekly and Grand Winners:

1. Only participants with corresponding YouTube video, forum post, Twitter tweet, and Facebook post will be qualified.

2. Every week, the Sulit team will choose one outstanding video that will compete for the final round. Weekly winners will receive P10,000.00 worth of gas cards/certificates.

Sulit team’s criteria for judging are as follows:

* Compliance to the 4-step mechanics above (filtering)
* Ingenuity and creativity of answer – 50%
* Presentation and execution – 20%
* Content quality of video – 20%
* Over-all impact – 10%

Weekly winners will be announced one working day after the weekly cut-off (Monday afternoon).

3. The four (4) weekly winners will be competing for the final round. This shall include internal screening from the Sulit team and voting from the Sulit community.

4. One (1) winner will take home the grand prize of P25,000.00 worth of car accessories of the winner's choice.

Click here for full contest mechanics...

- you have to be a member of to join. Joinig this is free! Just register on their site.
- there will be 4 weekly winners of 10,000 gas gift certificates. Check out the cut-off dates above.
- you have to upload your video on Youtube. See complete upload guidelines above.
- you need to have a Facebook and twitter account to promote your video.
- don't forget to e-mail your details to (see step 4 above)
- to get a chance to win the grand prize, you have to win in one of the 4 cut-off weeks.
- last day to submit your entry is on March 27, 2011

For more information about this contest, visit te Sulit Cars Video contest page.

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