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Digital Filipino Talks: The Need for a Philippine Bloggers Association

Do We really need a Philippine Bloggers Association?

Last February 25, 2011, Digital Filipino talks about the Need for a Philippine Bloggers Association (PBA). Interviewed for this topic is Tonyo Cruz of

The Need for Philippine Bloggers Association from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Tonyo Cruz in this interview elaborates the advantages of having a Philippine Bloggers Association and why we need it.

My views on this topic:

Before writing this, I read some of the views of other bloggers regarding this topic. Now, I would like to state my own.


Some bloggers argue that there can be no specific person or group who can represent the entire Philippine blogging community. The reason would be that bloggers have different niches for their blogs, and with different beliefs. My response to this is that even if we have different niches and beliefs, we all still have something in common - we're Filipinos right?

Do we need a PBA?

One thing is certain. We need unity. An association like this can make us bloggers unified for a certain cause, specially on national crises and emergencies. It can also help bloggers communicate more through this association since blogging is also a form of socializing, not just expression of thought.

Freedom of expression

Some bloggers argue that if a Philippine Bloggers Association exists, its members will be forced to adhere to the principles and guidelines, or standards for blogging.

I totally agree with them that there is no standard for blogging.

That's because each of us want to express our own thoughts through our blogs - whether we want to rant, rave, opine, inform, etc. But here's what I think... Why should an association set standards anyway? I was thinking this PBA is supposed to be a large group of Pinoy bloggers with unity as a common goal. That's all there is.

What's in a Name?

And some will argue that this PBA should be called something else like Philippine Blogger's Club, or Philippine Bloggers Org, etc. Bottom line is this is going to be a big group of Filipino bloggers even if you call it an org, association, club, league, sect, cult or whatever.

Blog Association Politics

Some bloggers argue that if a PBA exists, it might be used by politicians to promote themselves or their advocacies in cyberspace. And most bloggers wouldn't want an association they joined that supports a candidate they don't like, or an advocacy they don't believe in. My take on the issue is that the PBA should make it clear that it is a non-profit, non-religious and non-political group whose only goal is unity and overall well-being among Filipino bloggers. These types of advocacies outside those ideals should not be supported by a PBA.

The more viable political question would be, in case it formed, who will lead the PBA?

Making an issue of a Non-Issue

In case a Philippine Bloggers Assocation will be formed, let us try to ask ourselves, is there any way for us to stop it from happening? My answer would be a big NO.

A PBA can be still be formed by those willing to make it happen. For those who do not want to take part in it, simply don't join. This is a free country anyway.

The formation of the PBA will only be a BIG issue if joining this group is MANDATORY for all Filipino bloggers. I hope not, or all other arguments from anti-PBA bloggers will add to the issue.

So, am I for or against a PBA?

It depends. As long as it's not mandatory, it's free of charge, non-political, non-religious, non-profit, with no specific guidelines on how to blog, with no strings attached on what or what-not to blog, and open to all Filipinos, Why not?

To all the Pinoy bloggers out there, do we really need a Philippine Bloggers Association? Share.

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