Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Banana Experience Name That Monkey Contest

Homo sapiens can go bananas on this one... Join The Banana Experience Name That Monkey Contest and you can win as much as 20,000 pesos cash. All you have to do is give a name for their monkey character. If your entry is chosen, you get to win the prize!

This contest is open to fans on The Banana Experience on Facebook.

Joining is simple

1) like The Banana Experience on Facebook.
2) post on their wall what name you would like to suggest for the monkey character.
3) you can only suggest one name for the contest. If you suggested more than one, the first suggestion will be your official entry.
4) if your name suggestion was already named by a contestant previously, your entry is disqualified. You can, however give another name instead.
5) The prize of the winning entry will depend on the number of likes by 12 noon of April 30, 2011. The pot money is equal to the number of likes received (e.g. 5021 likes = 5021 pesos cash). If Banana Experience reaches 20,000 likes, the contest ends and they will give the cash prize of 20,000 pesos!

- If you joined this contest, ask your friends to like The Banana Experience fan page so that if you win, you get a bigger payout prize!
- Contest ends either by 12 noon of April 30, 2011, or when they reach 20,000 likes, whichever comes first.

For more info or to join this contest, check out the Banana Experience on Facebook!

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