Thursday, April 21, 2011

Introducing the Samsung SMART TV (and what I can do with it!)

Have you ever imagined having a Television Set, a laptop or PC, and a home entertainment system all rolled into one? Ok, set your imagination aside right now folks because this cool idea is now a reality!

I introduce to you a breakthrough from our old school television, aptly called the Samsung SMART TV!

What is a SMART TV?

The Samsung SMART TV is a new generation of home entertainment called internet TV. Aside from the normal features a television could do, you can now connect to the internet with this type of TV, similar to your PC or laptop.

Here is an introductory video of the Smart TV courtesy of Samsung...

For those who still have no idea what internet TV is all about, imagine having an appliance at home that does all the features of a regular TV, a personal computer / laptop, a home entertainment system all in one flat TV screen!

Now let's turn on our imagination once more. This time we ask ourselves the more important question...

What Can I do with the Samsung SMART TV?

To give a general answer of what I can do with Samsung's SMART TV, take note of what it can do.

This new innovation is...

1) ...a television set - We can watch our local regular channels and cable TV too!

2) ...a home entertainment system - Like regular television screens, we can hook it up to our DVD players, game consoles, laptops, PCs, etc. With this kind of setup, we can play video games, watch movies, and more!

3) ...internet ready - By far, this feature is the most complex of the three. Being internet ready means you can do a lot of things with this TV, and I really mean a lot of things.

Check out this video showing how to connect the Samsung SMART TV to the internet.

Some of the more popular stuff you can do with the internet AND with the Samsung SMART TV are the following: accessing social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, watching online videos like Youtube and surfing the net for information.

Since the internet is a vast territory to explore, the Samsung Smart TV provides apps (short for applications) which allow the home viewer to quickly search and use the internet functions provided for.

Below is a short video of the Smart TV's "search all" function.

The Search All Feature of Samsung Smart TV- a Youtube video from Samsung

The "search all" is a very nifty feature that allows the viewers quick access to information on the web.

Thanks to all the features integrated into the Samsung SMART TV, I can say that this TV can keep me entertained in more ways than one. But even though we can cite a hundred, a thousand, or a million ways to use the Samsung SMART TV, Samsung made sure that using it is made as SIMPLE for the home viewer as possible. In short, SMART is SIMPLE.

This is my entry to the THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV blog contest. Experience a Smarter Life. To know more about this brand new innovation from Samsung, or to know more about this contest, you may visit the Samsung TV PHilippines Facebook fan page. Check out the Samsung Philippines website to know more about The Samsung Smart TV. Stay tuned for more of my blog posts on the creative THINGS I CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV!

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