Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stay Healthy and Active with the Samsung SMART TV

In this fast-paced modern world, who could ever find the time for a quick exercise routine? Healthy living and exercise are at times neglected because we don't even feel the need to do it.

We know it's good for us. We know the right foods and exercise can help us reduce weight, keep us in top form, make us feel energetic and youthful, and keep us away from sickness but we probably will forgo it because of a lot of trivial reasons.

Computer related and office jobs tend to make us live a sedentary lifestyle. Whether we are into accounting, advertising, I.T. or blogging, most of the time we are stuck in front of our PC monitors sitting down and doing our job. We end up moving less while increasing the effects of stress, obesity and heart ailments.

Maybe we need some motivation to commit ourselves to a health program. We probably might need some eye candy too! A Samsung SMART TV might be able do the trick. With a Samsung SMART TV, healthy living is just a few clicks away!

Exercise Routines

If I already have a collection of exercise DVDs, I can hook up my DVD player to the Samsung SMART TV. Exercise will definitely be fun! Just watching the routine being played under a big flat LED screen can keep you glued with the program. The screen which displays soft color tones will keep that eye strain to a minimum, while I mimic the moves on TV.

Now what if I'm too lazy to buy exercise DVDs? If I am that determined to start out my workout, all I have to do is reach out for Samsung SMART TV's internet interface. There are a lot of exercise videos posted out on the internet, just like this exercise video below from youtube. I can always have access to this video and more as long as they are posted online.
Also, I could access the Samsung Apps called Exercise TV which allows me free exercise and workout videos - cool!

Video Gaming as exercise

Since I have an older video gaming console like the Playstation, I can use Dance Dance Revolution game and burn some calories. It could even be more enjoyable if I had a more modern gaming console like the Wii since some of its games also offer exercise routines. Hopefully the Samsung SMART TV has its own gaming apps similar to the exercise console games for maximum enjoyment. Then, you won't need to own a separate gaming console for exercise.

Food for thought

Aside from a regular exercise regimen, I must also make sure I am eating right. To know more about healthy eating, I can always check out food programs on TV like the ones shown in The Food Channel or The Lifestyle Channel.

If I am more familiar with the internet, I can always check out blogs on the latest trends about healthy diets. Yahoo at times post interesting articles on food specially on what or what-not to eat. With a Samsung SMART TV, I will have easy access to information that can help maintain my healthy habit.

Mentioning all the fun ways on how to maintain a health program with a Samsung SMART TV, what remains now is when you want to start one. Health and exercise should always be a main part of our lives, not just an afterthought because having healthy and active living is definitely SMART living.

This is my entry to the THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV blog contest. Experience a Smarter Life. To know more about this brand new innovation from Samsung, or to know more about this contest, you may visit the Samsung TV PHilippines Facebook fan page. Check out the Samsung Philippines website to know more about The Samsung Smart TV. Stay tuned for more of my blog posts on the creative THINGS I CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV!

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