Monday, April 18, 2011

Live BIG Your Way! Introducing Globe 4G Technology

Globe Telecoms has just made a BIG push towards faster mobile connectivity with the introduction of the new 4G technology here in the Philippines! With the advent of 4G technology, Globe allows us to LIVE BIG OUR WAY through mobile communications.

For those not familiar what 4G or 4th generation standard is all about, this new type of cellular technology allows us to communicate with our loved ones with faster and more reliable cellphone service, as compared to the older 3G standard.

To date, most cellphone services provide us with the aging 3G technology.

When it comes to mobile services, most of us Pinoys often use our cellphones for texting and calling our loved ones. For those purposes, 3G was good enough. However, as we embrace today's modern developments, like Facebook and internet based applications on mobile phones, we find 3G somewhat lacking.

Have you ever had an experience where you tried to use your smartphone to communicate or browse via the internet, and suddenly your phone bogs down or get disconnected?

Well, it's not because your smartphone is low-tech. It's mainly because of our current technology. With 3G technology, we get broadband connections with lower bandwidth.

For a better understanding of bandwidth and data, we can compare them to a pipe and water, where a smaller pipe allows less water to pass and reach the user. A bigger bandwidth, just like a bigger pipe, will allow more data to pass through.

Now, with Globe's 4G, they are now replacing their smaller pipes for BIGGER ones! As of late, Globe has announced that they are making the BIG switch to the 4G standard. This improvement will allow us to enjoy internet that is faster, more reliable and with less hassle.

What advantages are there with Globe's 4G Technology?

With Globe's 4G Technology, you can have the following on our mobile phones, laptops and tablets:

- high peak rates and lower latency
- improved “always-on experience”
- better multimedia upload
- high-speed web browsing
- faster streaming and downloads.

What can I do with Globe's 4G technology:

As the Contest Pirate, with the aid of Globe's 4G, I would be able to do all the stuff I do in the internet on my PC through my mobile phone - only better! Imagine, with Globe 4G, I could do the following...

1) I can upload my video contest entries on youtube through my mobile phone at a faster pace! Uploading videos take a lot of time specially if the video I produced is large. But with Globe 4Gs bigger bandwidth, I get to upload with more time to spare.

2) I can participate in online contests with faster response time! Some contests require you to be quick on your toes in answering. With a lagging mobile internet connection, you won't able to. But with Globe 4G, it's a different story. Winning speed contests is within my reach.

3) I can chat with friends online without hassle. There are intimate moments where you don't want to be bothered by minor glitches and disconnections. With Globe 4G connections, things like these will less likely happen.

4) I can download internet material much faster. With Globe 4G, I will be able to download more music, games, photos, videos and more! All that with the aid of my phone.

5) I can watch online videos without lag or slowdown. Sometimes when we watch a youtube or vimeo clip on your phone, and halfway through the streaming, the video suddenly stops at a critical moment. These are times you wished you had a copy of that show on your phone instead. With Globe 4G, you won't have to stuff your phone's memory of video clips you only need to watch once.

Most of us love to download files, chat, surf, upload and share our experiences on the net. And there are times we experience slow download and upload times, being abruptly cut-off and being unable to connect. Eventually with Globe's new 4G technology introduced right now, we can now have a better online experience at the palm of our hands.

For more information about Globe's 4G technology, do visit the Globe website. You may also check out Globe Telecommunications on Facebook to find out more about this new development in mobile communications.

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