Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Make More Money With The Samsung Smart TV!

Have you ever felt that urge to find additional income because what you're earning with your current salary isn't enough? Well, I guess it's time for us to get SMART and be creative with our finances.

For those who feel like they have No FERA like me, you can always try out new stuff to boost your income. And this is where our all-new Samsung SMART TV can change the way we think about earning.

More information is More Wealth

With the aid of our trusty Samsung SMART TV, information about setting up new micro business can help boost what we are earning right now. Imagine trying to put up a small food business like for example, you want to sell puto or bibinka. Before anything else, you will have to learn how to make it before you can sell it.

Livelihood programs we can find on cable TV channels can give us a rough idea on how we can do them. For more information about food, we can also try searching the web - which can also be done using a Samsung SMART TV. After finding out how we make them, our business plan will now depend on our patience and creativity.

before I can sell it, I must first know how to produce it!

And this does not just apply to food. I can also apply this concept to everything else that requires creativity. As long as I am brave enough to try new things, I can use what I learn to earn.

Advertise to earn more!

What I like about the Samsung SMART TV is that you can use social networking sites like Facebook and twitter to connect with friends. You can always tell them that you are trying out a new business and ask them for support. Very soon, your mini-business will gain some ground because when you share using Samsung SMART TV, people will know you're in business.

Trying out the Stock Market

For those who are adventurous like me, you may want to try out the Stock Market to earn more. If you have a little extra savings, you may want to venture here. But take heed, the stock market is about investing at the right moment. Dabbling without knowledge on stock market investing will make you lose money instead.

So, to have more knowledge on the stock market, I can read more about it on different websites like yahoo or msn on this topic. Better yet, I can use google search via Samsung SMART TV and try to find relevant topics on stock market investing through blogs.

Now, if you are ready to take that step into earning through stock market, you can try to follow stock market relevant programs using your Samsung SMART TV. To mention a few, I can follow Bloomberg, or local news channels to keep me up-to-date.

You can use the Samsung SMART TV's web browser to view internet content like stock prices (video sample above)...

Philippine Stock Exchange web page

And since Samsung SMART TV connects to the internet, I can also try to follow price changes with our local Philippine Stock Exchange in real time though the official site or through sites of online stock brokers (like citiseconline.com or bpitrade.com for example).

Joining online contests

One unorthodox way of earning money is by joining online contests. There are a lot of contests going around the internet, some of them can even by found in Facebook micro sites. Contests such as this allow you to gain new stuff or even win cash! Some contests are simple enough to join - all you need to do is leave a comment for a chance to win something. Others are more elaborate such as blog and video contests. As long as the Samsung SMART TV can connect me online, I will always have a chance to join and win!

With any of the examples I stated above, and probably there are a lot more I haven't mentioned, as long as we have the patience and determination to uplift ourselves financially, we will definitely overcome our financial woes the SMART way.

This is my entry to the THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV blog contest. Experience a Smarter Life. To know more about this brand new innovation from Samsung, or to know more about this contest, you may visit the Samsung TV PHilippines Facebook fan page. Check out the Samsung Philippines website to know more about The Samsung Smart TV. Stay tuned for more of my blog posts on the creative THINGS I CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV!

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