Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I can do With a Samsung Smart TV? Save The Planet!

Do we ever get this restless feeling that our world is nearing its end? Maybe we are already receiving telltale signs - acute weather disturbances like strong typhoons, hurricanes and tornadoes, melting polar ice caps, ice storms, severe drought, dry spells, and many more!

Climate change seems to have a major role in the drastic change of our weather system to date. With the forces of nature causing wide scale destruction around the world, we get to ask ourselves what is causing all these to happen?

For starters, climate change is a phenomenon that occurs within a long period of time. Changes in our earth's atmosphere may occur within decades or within millions of years. These can occur due to many natural reasons like solar radiation, continental drift, and our planet's natural movement in space.

Sadly however, in the past few decades, it is our own doing that causes most of the climate change we have today in the form of greenhouse gas emissions. Due to our widespread use of fossil fuel, crude oil and gasoline for our energy needs, we end up polluting our air, raising carbon dioxide levels (a component of greenhouse gas) at an alarming rate.

The more we use electricity, more carbon dioxide is produced. Thus, more greenhouse gases are released, causing our planet to slowly heat up.

The overall effect? The natural disasters we face today. And up to this very moment, our problems will only continue to worsen.

So What Can I do to Change All This?

With the aid of a Samsung SMART TV, we might be able to change the dire effects of climate change. Here I present the following measures...

Step 1: Know the problem

The very first thing is to know that the problem exists. Without acknowledging the problem, we won't find a way to solve this. Thankfully we have the internet. And with a Samsung SMART TV, researching about the cause and effects of climate change can be that simple.

If internet connectivity is out-of-reach, I can watch environment friendly shows instead. Shows like Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, etc. will showcase topics about the cause and effects of climate change. The Samsung SMART TV is still television after all.

Step 2: Save Electricity

2a. Use energy saving appliances
As mentioned above, the main cause of climate change is the use of combustible fuel. Most of us might not be aware of this fact but the majority of the power plants in the Philippines are coal fire plants, which burn lots of coal, and in turn produce greenhouse gases.

To minimize consumption of energy, electronics manufacturers like Samsung create innovations that use smaller amounts electricity such as the Smart TV. Thanks to Samsung SMART TV's LED display, I can save as much as two-thirds electricity consumption compared to using a conventional cathode ray tube (CRT) display.

2b: having all-in-one appliances

Thanks to Samsung SMART TV, I can save more electricity since I do not have to turn on multiple appliances at the same time to do different functions. I need not have to open my personal computer to socialize in Facebook while watching television separately because the Samsung SMART TV allows me to do both, and do them at the same time!

Step 3: Spread the Word

If I know the dangers of climate change and what needs to be done, the best I can do is tell others about it, and that's whats great about Samsung SMART TV. With it, you can share and comment on videos you have seen about climate change via the Samsung SMART TV, and tell others what you think about it.

See the video below on how to share videos to others via social networking sites using the Samsung SMART TV. This feature is called "social TV"...

With the help of the Samsung SMART TV, we may be able to address the problems climate change brings to us. We have already seen its adverse effects in the past, like the previous typhoon Ondoy which flooded Metro Manila and other areas in Luzon. The Samsung SMART TV can do its share to inform, to minimize electricity use, to socialize and spread the word to all on what to do about the issue.

Be SMART when it comes to saving our only home. Climate change is not just a personal battle, everyone must do their part to save the planet before its too late.

This is my entry to the THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV blog contest. Experience a Smarter Life. To know more about this brand new innovation from Samsung, or to know more about this contest, you may visit the Samsung TV PHilippines Facebook fan page. Check out the Samsung Philippines website to know more about The Samsung Smart TV. Stay tuned for more of my blog posts on the creative THINGS I CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV!

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