Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Else Can I Do With A Samsung SMART TV?

As I previously mentioned in my introduction to the Samsung SMART TV, this cool device is just not an ordinary TV. It's television, multimedia device and internet portal all rolled into one!

But even if I pointed out its major functions, the Samsung SMART TV is clearly an innovation that can do a lot of things. Our limitation for its use is bound only by our imagination.

Some of my previous blog posts about practical ways on what I can do with the Samsung SMART TV are...

S - Saving The Planet! (Environmental)
A - Attract More Attention (Entertainment)
M - Make More Money (Business / Financial)
S - Staying Healthy And Active (Lifestyle)
U - Using the Internet to Connect With Loved Ones (Social)
N - Never-ending Fun and Games (Gaming)
G - Giving Hope to Underprivileged Children through Teaching (Education)

Clearly, it shows why this gadget is a SMART TV. It's SMART because it's from SAMSUNG.

But wait!!! Is this all I can do with the Samsung SMART TV?

There's more!

Thinking of more creative ways to use the Samsung SMART TV, I figured putting in together random stuff I want to do with it.

If ever I get to own one, I can use the Samsung SMART TV...

[Work Related]

...for public presentations. The Hi-definition video resolution allows me to display presentations that can be readable to the public unlike an ordinary CRT TV or projector. a computer monitor while working on photos/videos. Bigger screen can show more intricate details of a photo or video I am working on. a teleprompter. Speeches I want to deliver can be brought up on-screen so that I won't need to memorize them. make blogs. You can type in your article via the remote control and save it online. apply for a new job online.

[Business] a display screen for advertising purposes. I can display available styles and sizes of clothes for my mother's boutique. an inventory screen displaying stock levels and item movement for my mother's store. buy and sell online. Internet allows me to use online buy and sell sites to earn money, advertise, or sell unwanted stuff.

[Financial] access my Paypal account via web browser. access my other online banking accounts via web browser. find information on discounts and promos, which can be found on blogs throughout the internet.
...get tips on the next big investment trend through blogs.

[Entertainment] a giant Manga viewer. Some internet sites offer free downloadable/viewable JPEG versions of popular manga (Japanese comics). a big movie screen
for my DVD collection.

[Gaming] a giant gaming screen for my video game consoles or PC game. Hell, it's about time! research and watch gaming strategies and improve my game. find out about release dates of very anticipated video games.

[Lifestyle] find info on new hobbies and interests, getting new ideas and then trying them out myself! know the trends and hit songs in the music scene. Watch MTV or read about it online. know the latest fashion trends, through online or television. find out about new food trends. find out about cool travel destinations.

[Education] a tool for online learning. Online tutorials can be found on youtube, etc.
...look for new and more efficient work techniques via web browsing.


... to know the current weather through TV news or online.
... to know about the latest issues/headlines.
... to read online travel advisories.
... to scout for more contests I can join online!

[Sports] view the latest Pacquiao fight. Who wants to miss this one? follow updates/watch matches on football.
FIFA, the Azkals, you name it. watch basketball games - PBA and NBA specially during the finals. watch UFC and other MMA matches. learn a new sport. Watching TV can enlighten me to try something new.

[Social] and react to opinion online regarding the latest happenings in the country.

...find out the latest happenings within my circle of friends in Facebook. old videos, view old photos of me and my family together. Reminiscing the good old times can build stronger family relationships.

Whoever receives the Samsung SMART TV will be very happy. =) But then again it is better to give than to receive.

[Security] a monitor for surveillance cameras. A bigger screen will allow you to view different camera angles at the same time without much loss of detail. an 'alert/alarm device'.
I can rig the remote control to an infrared or motion sensor device (rigging needs more knowledge in electronic devices). When someone triggers the motion/infrared sensor, it will turn 'ON' the rigged remote, which then turns ON the Samsung Smart TV and/or other loud devices, scaring away any intruder.

[Miscellaneous] an alarm clock. The Samsung SMART TV can be programmed to turn on at a certain day and time as long as it's plugged in and set up properly. a pacifier.
I can use the Samsung SMART TV to put me to sleep by allowing me to view and listen to mellow music videos. By the time I sleep, the Samsung SMART TV shuts down on the programmed time. a digital calendar.
The big LED screen is a perfect display to remind you of important dates and times. a big countdown timer.
For special occasions like outdoor races or New Year celebrations. a mirror?
It can be done using a video camera hooked to the input feed of the Samsung SMART TV. Place the camera at the top front of the TV and presto! Why do this? Because it's crazy, fun (and it works too).

Think of all the fun things you can do with a Samsung SMART TV. We now have a social, educational and entertainment package in one. And with more apps to be released in the future, you could also expect to do more with your Samsung SMART TV too. It simply shows that being SMART is knowing you can do limitless things with something made SIMPLE.

This is my entry to the THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A SAMSUNG SMART TV blog contest. Experience a Smarter Life. To know more about this brand new innovation from Samsung, or to know more about this contest, you may visit the Samsung TV Philippines Facebook fan page. Check out the Samsung Philippines website to know more about The Samsung Smart TV.

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