Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OpenRice iEat, iWrite, iPad promo

If you love food (like me), love writing and want to win an iPad in the process, you might want to join the iEat, iWrite, iPad promo! All you have to do is write the most number of first reviews Prizes include an iPad, iPods and Samsung Mobile Phones!

This contest is open to all members of Open Rice. However claiming of prizes will be only in Metro Manila and Cebu office only. No special deliveries.

Promo Mechanics:
1) You must be an OpenRicer! Register at

2) Be the first to write for a restaurant with no reviews and accumulate the most number of first reviews.

* Search for the restaurant you want to review or write about. If the restaurant is not listed, click on the link to add the restaurant information.
* Click here (sample only) to know if you are the 1st reviewer for a certain resto...

3) Obtain a minimum of 15 first reviews to qualify for the promo.

4) Only quality reviews are qualified for the promo Reviews without photos will not be considered as qualified entries of the promo.

5) The OpenRicer with the most number of first reviews by the end of the promo period will automatically win the iPad.

6) OpenRicers may invite their friends to become OpenRice members and join the promo to get a chance to win an additional prize.

7) The new member with the highest number of first reviews and his/her OpenRicer friend who referred him/her will each automatically win a prize.

8) All entries will be reviewed and approved by the OpenRice editor. Disapproved reviews are not counted.

9) Reviewers' status/scores will be posted at the promo page every Friday noon. Winners will be posted at the promo page and will be notified via e-mail.

Criteria for qualfied entries
1. No Plagiarism. reviews must be original. Should you wish to share a content from your own blogs, please modify the text so that your OpenRice review is unique.

2. Reviews should have at least 100 words.

3. Must have at least 2 photo attachments.
- all photos must be clear and in landscape orientation
- all photos must be related to the review
- photos copied from other websites or blogs are not accepted.

4. Increase credibility of your review. Include more information about the taste or description on as the facade, service, environment, etc.

5. Reviews must be unbiased and must not contain vulgar, offensive, rude or slanderous words.

For complete rules and guidelines click here...

1st prize - top 2 highest reviews -> iPad
2nd prize - 3rd highest -> iPod touch
3rd prize - 4th highest -> iPod classic
New OpenRicer with most no. of 1st reviews -> Samsung Touch Screen Mobile Phone
OpenRicer who referred to the new member winner -> Samsung Touch Screen Mobile Phone

Pointers / Personal Note:
- I think foodie bloggers have more advantage to this contest. They have more experience writing about this topic.
- You need a lot of time to experience new restos before writing about any of them.
- Check if the resto you want to write about is already in the list and if nobody has written a review yet. Chances are, someone else could have beaten you to it.
- you might have a better chance getting a 1st review if the resto you want to write about is NOT on the list. You can add a resto you want to review.
- last day of this contest is on December 15, 2010. Number of 1st reviews accumulated will be tallied at the end of the contest.

For more information, visit the OpenRice contest page.

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