Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Castle of Sand

"Castle of Sand" by rdnofera

I always wanted to build, to create.
A little kid back then,
I ardently wished I could form
a castle made of sand.
Seeing older kids make one
made me think I can.

I asked mom if I could do it,
And she gladly showed me how.
It seemed all to easy at first
until I tried it out.
How heavy it was sculpting the sand,
all I managed was a mound.

Without much form still I was glad,
I made a mound so high!
But soon alas tides came rushing in.
And washed away my pride.
I tried so hard to shape it back
but to no avail.

Tears flowed as I watched in gloom,
my work gone so soon.
But mother told me not to weep
...because I haven't lost it all!
My castle is gone, but I am not,
and I still have her too.

No matter how hard the task,
no matter how great the tides,
as long as I don't lose myself,
as long as I know I am not alone,
I will give my all!
Soon, mine will be whole again.

The author (me namely) of this free verse has won several noteworthy contests in the past. Some of which include the Cadbury Art of Happiness in 2008 - 1st place, Cadbury Pure Happiness Festival Art Contest in 2009 - 2nd place, digital art like the LG Grab the Cookie contest in 2009, and photo contests like the Chowking Photo Contest in 2008. His most recent contest winnings related to visual arts for this year include winning the Yahoo meme week 5 contest and the Western Digital Father's day contest.

Although I wrote this like a poem, this is the story I want to share. It was my experience during my childhood years. I was around 4 back then. Making sand castles was fun and challenging but it also taught me a lot of lessons - like nothing lasts forever, and as long as we keep on believing in ourselves, and with the help of people around us, like family and friends, we will be able to restore what we lost, and probably make something much better. It applies not just to sand castles, but to life as well.

This is my entry to Share Your Winning Story and Win! contest from Winners Place. Deadline is on October 14, 2010.

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