Saturday, October 2, 2010

SM Cinema's AWIT Awards MTV contest - FAIL!!!

Last time, I blogged about SM Cinema giving away 2 free tickets to the 23rd AWIT Awards held last September 30, 2010 to the first 20 contestants to upload a music video on their Facebook Fanpage.

Since I was interested in winning their tickets I submitted a music video that I did before.

September 30 came and SM Cinema NEVER ANNOUNCED ANY WINNERS IN THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE!!! This is a very disappointing contest on behalf of those who submitted their entries including myself.

SM Cinema had sponsored successful contests in the past including the previous Resident Evil Cosplay Contest and their ongoing I-MAX photo contest, but WHY NOT THIS ONE?

As of writing, SM Cinema has not made any formal explanation why no winners were announced. It's as if they never held this contest at all!!!

I have various reasons why I should get mad about what happened aside from not proclaiming winners...

a) They have no valid reason or excuse why they should not award any winner. There were people who submitted entries, not just me. Wouldn't it be an injustice for them as well who did their best in coming up with an entry?

b) Creating a music video is NOT easy. What If I ask them to create their own music video? I BET they won't be able to make one at all albeit finish an MTV in a few days!

c) It's just a bunch of tickets! Don't tell me it's a pain in their pocket to give them out FOR FREE! They could have just given it to all those who joined. Consuelo de bobo kumbaga.

d) I was there at the Mall of Asia (MOA) at the night of September 30 with my gf for a casual stroll, and I saw that a few hours before the concert ended, there were some people (ushers I think) giving away FREE TICKETS because there were a lot of vacant seats to be occupied. My gf was able to get four tickets, but in the end we opted not to watch the show. WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THAT EFFORT FOR IF I CAN GET THESE TICKETS FOR FREE!!!

I wrote this blog not to discourage people from joining contests. Yes, contests are fun, challenging and a great way to develop talent and make new friends. I wrote this so that people will know that not all contests will go smoothly just like this contest SM Cinema sponsored. In my years of joining contests, this was not the first time it happened to me. But this should be no excuse why this contest became a FAILURE!

I hope SM Cinema will release a formal explanation why their contest did not push through. Sorry readers for blogging about this contest if you were one of those few who submitted an entry (or to those interested in joining this).

And I hope that such kind of sloppy contest organizing will never happen again. Maawa po kayo sa mga sumali at nagpakatiyaga.


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